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· Trust:
We are your trusted partner in thermoplastic injection services. With our experience, commitment and tailor-made solutions, we help you achieve your goals and achieve the desired success.

· Excellence:
The excellence of GIPSA's services is our top priority. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients in each project, offering quality solutions, personalized attention, punctual delivery and a total commitment to your satisfaction. Trust us for exceptional results.

· Technology:
At GIPSA we have advanced plastic injection technology that allows us to offer innovative and high-quality solutions. We use state-of-the-art machinery, design and simulation software, and advanced processing techniques to achieve precise and efficient results in the manufacture of plastic parts. Our technology allows us to optimize the injection process, guaranteeing the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

· R+D+i.
At GIPSA we have an outstanding research and development department that has extensive know-how in the plastic injection industry. Our team of experts is constantly researching new technologies, materials and processes to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and apply our extensive knowledge to overcome the most demanding challenges in the development of plastic injection projects.

· Lean Management:
At GIPSA, we implement the Lean Management system to improve efficiency and quality in our plastic injection processes. Through the elimination of waste, the standardization of tasks, the optimization of workflows and continuous improvement, we seek to maximize value for our clients. This approach allows us to offer high-quality products, reduce costs and delivery times, and improve customer satisfaction. Our commitment to Lean Management helps us stay competitive and drive operational excellence in all aspects of our business.


360 service of Thermoplastic and Elastomer injection projects, providing high value to the client.
Know-How, the experience and commitment of the entire GIPSA human team is the basis for guaranteeing excellence in all company departments, offering high added value in customer service.

Design and development

Our highly qualified team is concerned with creating innovative solutions for various industries. From conceptual design to final production, we offer comprehensive services including prototyping, mold design, and manufacturing of high-quality parts. We are committed to providing customized products and meeting the needs of our customers efficiently and reliably.

Project management

Our team of engineering and design experts work closely with clients to understand their requirements and translate them into effective solutions. We use advanced technology, such as design and simulation software, to optimize the manufacturing process and guarantee the quality and precision of the injected parts. We are committed to meeting the established deadlines and providing a high-quality comprehensive service in each plastic parts injection project.

Manufacturing - Injection

GIPSA offers high quality thermoplastic and elastomer injection services , providing precise and reliable solutions for plastic projects. Our approach is centered on technical excellence using advanced technologies and top-quality materials to ensure our customers' satisfaction.


At GIPSA we have a modern and efficient storage space. Our highly trained team guarantees a smooth and precise operation, with special attention to the proper handling of products and efficient logistics. Our objective is to guarantee the timely and safe delivery of the products to our clients, providing them with a reliable and quality service at all times.

Mold workshop

Our mold workshop service is dedicated to the optimal maintenance and care of the molds used in the plastic injection process. We have a team of highly trained technicians with extensive experience in handling and repairing molds. We carry out exhaustive inspections, cleaning, repairs and necessary adjustments to guarantee optimal operation of the molds and maximize their useful life. Our goal is to ensure that molds are in ideal condition to continuously and efficiently produce high-quality parts. With our mold workshop service, our clients can rely on specialized and reliable maintenance to keep their production running without interruptions...


At GIPSA , we have a quality control laboratory dedicated to guaranteeing compliance with all quality standards in our products. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and we perform rigorous testing and analysis to verify the quality of manufactured plastic parts. Our goal is to ensure that each product meets specified requirements , from physical properties to strength and durability. With our quality control lab, we provide peace of mind to our customers by ensuring excellence in every garment produced.

All the services described follow the Lean Manufacturing work methodology through which processes and workflows are optimized, eliminating activities that do not provide added value, promoting continuous improvement.






Piscina & Wellness Fair
Fair Piscina & Wellness

GIPSA visits the international fair #PiscinaWellnessBarcelona2023. At GIPSA we are experts in the injection of plastic parts for the sector #pool #wellness, #electrobombas Unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest developments in the sector and offer our solutions in #injeccioplastics

New machine
Arrival of the new Engel 1150tn

Arrival and installation of the new 1150 ton Engel injection machine. This powerful machine will allow us to expand our production capacity and handle larger projects. With state-of-the-art technology and high performance, we are ready to offer exceptional quality injection molding solutions to our customers. The addition of this machine reinforces our commitment to provide cutting-edge services and meet the growing needs of the market.

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Excellence is our goal

Excellence is our goal and we are committed to offering cutting-edge solutions in the world of plastics.🌍💪 #QualityPlastics #Innovation #GIPSA

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25 años trabajando en GIPSA

Hoday at the GIPSA offices we have thanked Toñi Aguilera and Ma Carme Lopera for their 25-year career at GIPSA. 🎉 The dedication and commitment of all employees are fundamental to our success and they are an example. We congratulate you on this important milestone and thank you for your valuable contribution over the years. 💪👏 #gipsa #wearegipsa


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You can visit us at our Begudà facilities in the heart of La Garrotxa.